Stakeholder meeting update

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This week, key stakeholders from Admissions & Recruitment, Alumni, Academic Affairs, University faculty, Extended University, and Student Affairs are meeting individually via conference call with our strategic partner Stamats as well as members of the Web Refresh Core team to review findings and recommendations for their respective areas.

During these meetings, we are reviewing institutional goals, project objectives, core assumptions and guiding principles for the project. In addition, we are outlining key priorities, time frames and next steps related to each group.

One important theme re-iterated throughout these meetings is that while we strive to improve communication to all visitors to the CI web site, the focus for this project is to improve communication to prospective students first and foremost. This is necessary to ensure that the limited resources available for this project are focused on addressing our institutional goals, as listed in the strategic brief executive summary, available in PDF format.

Speaking of focus, redesigning a web site is a lot like building a house: most of the time, you can't design or build a house on an unlimited budget with unlimited resources. You've got to work within your means and you've got to have a good plan. Fortunately, all of the research and strategy work we've done so far have given us a good plan.  In our next installment, we'll share how our team is starting to build the blueprint for the new CI web site.

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