Happy birthday, dear web site!

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Our little darling just turned one! On Saturday, August 15, CI's mobile-friendly responsive web site celebrated its first birthday, and we sure are proud of it.

It's been a great first year with our site. Here's what we have to show for it:

13% increase in pageviews of the CI web site overall
27% increase in pageviews of the About CI page
41% increase in pageviews of the Academics page
65% increase in pageviews of the Visit Campus and campus tours pages
69% increase in pageviews of the main Admissions page (Admissions & Costs)
145% increase in pageviews across all Admissions pages
468% increase in pageviews across all tuition and fees pages
1421% increase in pageviews of the Student Life page

...and other significant increases across academic and administrative web sites...

...and a 29% decrease in our bounce rate and a 39% decrease in exit percentage across all primary CI web site properties.

What do all these stats mean? They mean that more people are visiting the CI web site, and people are engaging more deeply with our web content.

If that wasn't enough, our web site was also recognized with 3 awards:

2014 Collegiate Advertising Awards Silver Winner in Website Design
2015 CASE District VII Award of Excellence (Bronze) for Institutional Web Sites (PDF)
30th Annual Education Advertising Awards Merit Award for www.csuci.edu 

Not too bad for a young university in Camarillo CA!

Since we launched, we've continued to make incremental improvements. Some highlights include:

  1. Establishing a rapid, rotating refresh cycle for the banner images on the CI home page.
  2. Changing the home page banners from static images to clickable images. We'll be keeping track of how this change in functionality increases our visitor interaction.
  3. Working closely with our Enrollment Management team to develop and deploy a new consolidated "Calendars" page, which combines events, important dates and deadlines for prospective and incoming students.
  4. Integrating new videos to help prospective students, parents and visitors to get to know CI.
  5. Migrating all but 3 of our academic program web sites to our new mobile-friendly, responsive web site design, including subsequent re-designs of the Anthropology, Chicana/o Studies, and Nursing web sites.
  6. Upgrading our Google Analytics to use Google Tag Manager to help us better manage our web analytics. 
There's still a lot more that's in progress:

  • Migration of our Giving, Extended University and Library web sites to our new mobile-friendly, responsive design
  • An updated electronic campus tour and viewbook
  • Updates to the Housing and Dining web sites
  • Migration of CI-developed web applications that are still using our legacy web framework.
How did we get here? A fantastic team of web professionals and student assistants worked with our entire campus community to turn ideas into reality, and our strategic partner Stamats helped us to identify and document an effective and long-lasting web and social media strategy. Check out last year's web site preview for more detail about the principles that guided the creation of our web site.

Please join me in celebrating the 1st birthday of the new CI web site, and I encourage you to share any comments or suggestions in the comments here (or via email to peter.mosinskis@csuci.edu).

First Monday with new site (Day 5)

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Things are going pretty well with the new site.

This morning we hosted a Web Site Launch reception for about 30 guests, which included most of our team members. After some great introductory remarks and congratulations by Michael Berman, we discussed the  changes and got feedback from our colleagues over pizza. Limited edition CI web site t-shirts were distributed to attendees, and some great photos of the Web Services team were snapped to commemorate the occasion.

Our team continues to squash bugs that are found or reported. We've had some recurring issues on some of the data feeds we use for various components, such as the "Find My Match" feed on the Academics page, as well as the Important Dates & Deadlines on several pages. It's working now but we are still trying to develop a more reliable fix.

We've also have published a page describing the changes to the CI web site. We hope it helps our community understand some of the reasoning that went into the design and information architecture decisions that we made.

Please continue to report all bugs, suggestions (and compliments!) to the T&C Help Desk at helpdesk@csuci.edu or call 805-437-8552.

We're live!

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As of 2:00am this morning, the initial publish was completed, so I'm pleased to announce that the new CI web site is live! Since 6:00am this morning, Web Refresh implementation team members have been checking the 291 pages/sites in migration phases 1A-1D to verify their completion. As of 9:45am, over 94% of those pages have been migrated successfully and are working properly.

In addition, key web applications including myCI, the campus directory, and the Events Calendar were migrated to the new mobile-friendly template this morning by 9:00am.

We're continuing to find and fix minor issues as we find them (or as reported). If you come across any problems or have a suggestion, please email the T&C Help Desk at helpdesk@csuci.edu or call 805-437-8552.

Special thanks to Daniel Martinez, Ryan Garcia, Kevin Craig, and all of the Web Services assistants for their hard work and dedication to make the transition to the new site design as seamless as possible.

Migration has begun!

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Out with the old, in with the new!

We have started to publish the new CI web site to live.

The updated home page is now live. The top-level pages that link from the home page as still in the process of being published.

One little amazing factoid: it was 9 years ago today, August 14 2005, that the previous iteration of the CI web site launched!

One week to launch!

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We can't believe the time is almost here to launch the updated CI web site!

The Web Services team has been firing on all cylinders, putting the finishing touches on pages across the site, checking, re-checking, squashing bugs, prettifying...In the past few weeks hundreds of bugs have been squashed. Our community of web subject matter experts has done great submitting reports.

Next Tuesday, our team will meet for a final "go/no-go" meeting to make sure we're ready to go live on August 15.

Feel free to look around at our final pre-launch preview, and report any problems or bugs using the "Give us your feedback" link at the top of each page.

Come join us to celebrate! We invite the CI community to celebrate this important milestone with us at the Web Site Launch reception, starting at 11am on Monday, August 18, 2014. Food and beverages will be served. If you can attend, please RSVP for the Web Site Launch reception

Feel free to contact Peter Mosinskis at peter.mosinskis@csuci.edu with any questions, and thanks for your ongoing support of this important project.

More updates next week...

myCI is getting a facelift as well!

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Not only is the CI web site launching a new mobile-friendly look and feel, but so is myCI, the campus portal for CI students and employees.

Read more about the changes coming to myCI on August 15...

In the coming weeks after the August 15 web site launch, the Web Services team will be working to update many existing campus web applications with the new mobile-friendly look and feel.

Please contact Peter Mosinskis, Director of IT Strategy, at peter.mosinskis@csuci.edu with any questions about forthcoming updates to web applications.

2 weeks until launch!

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The prep work for our August 15 web site launch is reaching a fever pitch right now.

The web site content freeze is underway. Since July 15, Web Services team members have been migrating web site content and making adjustments to the design and organization of content in preparation for the launch. In addition, Web Services has applied the new mobile-friendly web site template to all existing pages in the designated migration phases. View the list of migration phases here.  The Web Refresh team is targeting sites in Phases 1A-1D for launch on August 15.

The final working preview of the CI web site is located at:

We recommend that you also try it out on your smartphone or a tablet to get a better sense of how the new web site will work across different devices.

Between now and August 5, we have requested that campus units/departments/programs subject matter experts visit http://beta.harbor.csuci.edu and review any web pages/sites closely associated with their unit/program to verify that content and interactive elements have migrated as expected. A list of sites and migration phases can be found here for reference

If you find problems or would like to suggest corrections or changes, please report discovered issues via the “Give us your feedback” link at the top of each page in the preview. During this period, the Web Refresh team shall repair all discovered issues and re-publish them for further review/preview, to the best of its ability.

Please report any significant issues by August 5. Issues reported after August 5 may not be addressed before launch on August 15, but will be addressed after the launch.

We also invite you to celebrate this important milestone with us at the Web Site Launch reception, starting at 11am on Monday, August 18, 2014. Food and beverages will be served. If you can attend, please RSVP for the Web Site Launch reception

Feel free to contact Peter Mosinskis at peter.mosinskis@csuci.edu with any questions, and thanks for your ongoing support of this important project.